Sunday, 7 November 2010

Ceramics - tile

I cut out a tile of earthenware red clay along with a template i drew on a newspaper. I layed the newspaper template onto the tile to position it and then stuck it down using water. I added a layer of white slip to my tile and then used a hot air gun to harden it. I repeated this method until there was a thick layer that was almost white. The newspaper template was then removed to reveal my original pattern. I then outlined this pattern using a needle as well as engraving my name into the tile. The tile was then biscuit fired to 1000 degrees centigrade in a kiln:
I then painted my tile using glaze colours followed by a layer of clear glaze. This was then re-fired to 1080 degree's centigrade:

My four tiles:
I experimented with different designs for my four tiles before I came up with my final design. I repeated the method for my single tile as I cut out four tiles of earthenware clay and created templates using newspaper. The drying of the white slip was also used before peeling away the newspaper to reveal my original design. The tiles were then biscuit fired to 1000 degree's centigrade in a kiln:

I then used glaze colours followed by adding a layer a glaze and refired my tiles to 1080 degree's centigrade in a kiln:

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