Saturday, 6 November 2010


I took various photo's and finally chose this one to paint:
I chose this photo as i really like how the fence goes off into the distance. The composition of this photo is very effective due to the fact that the fence draws your attention to the tree's in the background. Another reason i chose this photo is because there is quite a lot of different objects, tree's etc which all have different textures and so allow me to be able with different brushstrokes etc.

The first thing i did was sand a peice of wood and painted a white undercoat on it followed by painting the wood using primary colours.
My final design:

I am pleased with the outcome of my painting as i like the use of bold, vibrant colours as well as the effect i got from the different brush strokes i used. I think it would have looked better if i used white to show the light, however i only used primary colours.

I then adapted this image by using a viewfinder to produce another image:

I am pleased with my result as i was able to use white which gave a more 3D effect. I also like the effect that the visible brushstrokes make as it adds to the abstract effect. I'm not happy with my tree's as they are quite dull and don't achieve the vibrant effect i wanted.

I also decided to make a collage version of the first painting:

I am very happy with my painting as i think the materials gave it a very effective texture as well as giving it a 3D effect. I feel the tissue paper used for the tree's gave a very ruggered effect and that the silver foil used for the path shows all of the texture in the ground. However, I don't think that using bubble wrap for the back fence was very effective as it was very tricky to paint due to the detail and how thin the line was.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with the outcome of my paintings and how the workshop encouraged me to expand and improve my design and idea's in order to gain the best possible result. This includes using viewfinders, different materials, textures etc.
On the other hand, within the workshop I have improved my colour mixing skills and how to create a painting by using just the primary colours.
The thing I enjoyed most about the workshop was expanding my original design and by experimenting with different materials in order to make my work look more textured.
If I had the chance to do anything differently within the workshop, I would have used the bubble wrap in a different position on my collage as it was extremely difficult to paint the fence in the background on top of it.
However, altogether I think the workshop was successful in improving my painting skills. I also feel my 3 paintings were a huge success due to the vibrant colours, brushstrokes etc.

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