Thursday, 4 November 2010

Langard Fort

                                                                                      Langard Fort...

We went on a trip to Langard Fort in Felixstowe for our drawing. I feel the trip was very useful due to the wide range of objects and views there was to draw/photograph. During my time at Langard Fort, i experimented with various drawing techniques that i had learnt during the course. For example I did quick sketches, line drawings, timed sketches, coloured drawings, continious line drawings, blind drawings, sketches and architectual drawings.
On the other hand, Langard Fort had various different views of objects and scenery which allowed me to take as many different photo's as possible.
The trip was therefore very useful as it allowed me to experiment with different techniques on lots of different images. The fact that i was able to take photos of various different views allowed me to draw as much different images as possible.

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